Spring Cleaning To Pass Unwanted Items Along

Clothing given to charityThere’s a reason we have all grown up with the tradition of spring cleaning. it’s a time of renewal. We can open the doors and windows, blowing out the stale winter air and letting in fresh breezes. That makes us itch to clean house. Out with the old and in with nothing, if we plan it right. Spring purging can feel fantastic.

You can begin by going through your closets and drawers. Ask yourself when the last time it was that you wore each garment. If it’s been a year…let it go. There is someone else who has a use for it and you really don’t need it any more. Check your towels, sheets, washcloths, tablecloths, and throw pillows. Do you have any that have served their purpose and are ready to move on? You can add them to the charity box and give them to another family.

Reach all the way to the back and you may find canned goods that are near their expiration date. If you won’t be using them in the very near future, drop them in a box for your local soup kitchen. You’ll probably find boxes of pasta, rice, and other unopened dry goods that will go to waste in the near future. Go ahead and pass them along. It feels really good to do so.

Cleaning Supplies
Go through all your cabinets that hold cleaners and solvents. Check under the sinks and top shelves of your closets. The garage and basement will hold some treasures, too. You’ll find duplicates and near-empties. Consolidate what you can, recycle empty containers, and make a commitment to use up what you have before you purchase anything new.

Once you have finished these three areas of your home you may find yourself feeling less stressed and maybe even happier. The things we store in our homes can weigh us down with emotional weight as well as physical clutter. Spring is the perfect time to clear some of that away. The people who get the things you no longer need will appreciate it and you will feel wonderful when it’s done.