Recycling Used Motor Oil

motor oil recyclingFor those people who still change their own oil, deciding what to do with the used oil can be a challenge. Most people know it shouldn’t be tossed in with your regular trash but aren’t sure exactly what should be done with it.

Motor Oil is unique in that it never wears out so is a perfect product for recycling. It can be used over and over, thus saving a lot of earth’s resources in refining fresh oil. But where to recycle it can be confusing.

Most city government offices can answer your question as to where they want you to take your used motor oil. You can also call local auto repair facilities to ask if they accept used oil as some do. Put your used oil in a plastic container with a good seal and take it to one of these options which will recycle it for you.

You’d be amazed at how much benefit can be derived from recycling a gallon of used motor oil. It can actually be re-refined by removing any contaminants and one gallon of used oil can get up to 2.5 quarts of re-refined motor oil which is as good or better as the original oil that was recycled.

It’s good to recycle most things but oil in particular yields a high return on our effort. Keeping it out of the ground water by avoiding dumping it on the ground or down drains is an additional, substantial benefit.