How to Start Recycling

recyclingRecycling can be one of those things we keep intending to do but are slow to begin implementing. Much of the process can be simplified by quick organization. You need to find out what your area accepts for recycled material and then you have to set up your recycling containers in an area that is suitable for your family.

To find out what types of recyclables your area accepts you can typically go to your city/county website to obtain a list. The specifics will inform you as to which type of material is accepted and how you are to handle it before drop off. For example, containers may need to be rinsed out and cardboard broken down flat.

You will now need a few bins to collect things that are meant to be recycled. You can decide if you want a separate bin for each type of material i.e. glass, paper, plastic, and metal, or if you want to sort it more broadly and then re-sort it at the recycling center.

It is smart to line these bins with a trash bag to make for easy removal when the bins are full. You can easily lift the trash bag out and then pop it right back in when you return from your mission.

You can look for other items to be recycled such as eye glasses, ink cartridges, and cell phones. These items may be accepted at different places in your area so ask around to find out where the best place would be to drop them off. Larger items such as microwaves and old refrigerators are also items that should not be disposed of. We’ll post more about this type of recycling in the future.

You will get a good feeling from recycling. Congratulations, you are doing a good thing for your community and your planet.