Recycling Electricity and the Environment

People recycle aluminum, paper, plastic, and other items in their home or at the office.  They reuse items to save money and recycle to help save the environment.  Plastic, paper, glass are just a few of the items that are easily recycled.

By putting a small box next to your circuit breaker panel, you can recycle electricity.  Once installed, the Peak Energy Saver does all the recycling work for you.  You do nothing else.

By recycling some of the electricity you use, you buy less electricity and hence lower your bills.

This is perfectly legal.  The electric utility and the local laws regulate the power lines to your home or office up to the electric meter.   The electric company does not have any control on what is in your home or next to your circuit breaker panel.

How can recycling electricity affect the environment?Electric Usage in USA

Electricity plays a large part of our every day lives.  More than we might realize.  The amount of electricity used in America grows year by year.

About  39% of all of the energy used in America is used to generate electricity.  Most of the electricity in the United States is generated from fossil fuels, such as coal, natural gas, and oil.

Recycle Electricity and help reduce the emissions from burning these fossil fuels.

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