Avoid Watering The Driveway

Garden Hose Fitting for Water ConservationMany states are experiencing drought conditions and people are well aware of water restrictions. Some of them have limited days of the week to water their lawns and most understand the importance of making sure the water falls on the grass – not the sidewalk or driveway. This can seem like a fussy thing to some people but when you multiply the water savings by the population of a city, state, or region, the savings can be monumental.

It’s also beneficial to water your lawn and garden in the evening. This gives the ground ample opportunity to absorb all of the water. If you water in the morning, much of the water will begin to evaporate with the rising sun.  Watering in the afternoon can waste a lot of water and even burn your lawn or shrubs due to the heat of the sun.

You might even consider keeping rain barrels in your yard with which to water your plant and shrubs. It’s an effective way of distributing water to the areas that need it the most without having to turn on the faucet.

Water is a fundamental need for all of us on earth and we must join forces to conserve it. If we consciously use it only when and where needed we can make a difference. We can reduce the strain our population has placed on the earth’s water resources by using water wisely and with reservation.