Show Your Customers How Much You Care for the Environment

energy efficientCustomers are paying attention these days. They are noting which of the companies that they do business with are the companies who care about sustainability. Often, the deciding factor between two companies who are vying for their business, can boil down to the company that seems to care most about the future living conditions for our children. [Read more…]

Recycling Paper Makes a Big Difference

Paper RecyclingWhen we really start looking at the amount of paper we use in our everyday life it is easy to see that recycling it is a good idea. We are sometimes surprised to find out just how big an impact recycling paper can have on the earth’s resources.

You may have seen the statistics that recycling one ton of paper can save 17 trees, 7,000 gallons of water, and it can save more than 3 cubic yards of space in the landfill. What may make these numbers easier to relate to is the fact that those 17 trees can save enough energy to power an average home for 6 months. That’s a lot of juice. [Read more…]

The Benefits of Recycling

recycled plastic cupsFor a long time it was rumored that recycling cost more than it could return and many were reluctant to get involved. Over time, that is being found to be untrue. We are finding that a well designed recycling program can save money in many ways.

It can save the family money by reducing the amount they pay for trash removal services. Businesses save that way as well. It creates jobs for communities at a rate of 4 to 1 when compared to waste management and disposal industries. [Read more…]

List of How to Recycle Things A to Z

A to Z Recycled ItemsThere are lots of odds and ends that we don’t know if we can recycle or, if so, how. This website How to Recycle Anything lists volumes of items to answer those questions. Some items are listed with a link to a website for more information.

A – Aerosol Cans
If you completely empty the contents and pull the plastic nozzle of the can, you can usually recycle this with other cans. It is important to empty the contents, however, as they can be combustible. [Read more…]