Recycle Electricity

Save up to 25% on the Electric Bill

The Peak Energy Saver recycles and re-uses electricity.  By installing it near your circuit breaker panel, the Peak Energy Saver works with all of the motors and transformers in your home or small business.  Examples of motors include the air conditioner or heat pump, ceiling fans, washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers.  Examples of transformers include computers, TVs, electronics, phone chargers, compact fluorescent light bulbs, even the phantom loads the electric company warns you about.

  • Recycle the electricity used in your electric appliances, motors, & transformers
  • Typical customers save 15% to 25%.  We will guarantee it with a 90 day money back guarantee – if your electric bill does not show energy savings, get a full refund
  • Suppress surges that can cause damage to electronics
  • Increase the lifetime of your motors by helping them to run 10% cooler
  • UL listed and Certified for safety
  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty

Factories have used this technology for many decades.  They pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to put an industrial version next to each motor in their factory.  Their experience proves the value of this technology.

Until recently, it was not cost effective to put in homes or small businesses.  Two things have changed.

  1. The days of 3 or 4 cents per kWh are gone and the price of electricity will continue to rise.
  2. Manufacturing costs have dropped to make recycling electricity an attractive investment for your home or business.

Now, you can get the power efficiencies and savings that big business gets!

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